Bird on the stone

Fugang Geopark (Little Yehliu), TaiTung, Taiwan

Newborn leaving on a rocket ship

Hospital Nursing Room

Nursing a baby after a meal

Hospital Nursing Room

Two grandsons

Cijin Beach (旗津海水浴場), KaoHsiung, Taiwan

Dalin Township

Dalin (大林), Chiayi County, Taiwan

Growing strong

Smangus (司馬庫斯), Jianshi Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan

Looking ahead

Hutoushan (虎頭山), Nantou County, Taiwan


In the operating theatre


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Letting go is the hardest thing to do

Case: 69 years old lady suffering from breast cancer, with lung and liver metastasis. Her consciousness deteriorated at the end of my on call. She showed signs of gasping, indicating that the end of life is closing in.
The 80+ years old mother was in distress, seeing the unaroused daughter. She tried so hard: shook her, called her, pleaded us to do something, all in hope to hear her daughter’s voice again. Yet, the daughter lay there, weak and unaware of the voice of her beloved mother. It has always been devastating to see an elderly sending off the younger children. Who doesn’t love their child?

Letting go is indeed the hardest thing to do. We have so little time in life, and working in this field of work allowed me to be up close with death. Life is so fragile and impermanent. Medicine can only do so much for the ill, but we can always be there for our loved ones. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Remain hopeful

Case: An elderly with liver cirrhosis and occasional coughing was admitted to manage hepatic encephalopathy. She had an episode of vomiting & choking which led to aspiration pneumonia. Hypotension and desaturation ensued. While she is in DNR status, we tried our best to resuscitate her with fluids, performed sputum suction, provided oxygen therapy and started her on antibiotics. Her vitals recovered gradually and stabilized. However, she’s not out of the woods yet.
Just when life is about to come to an end, our path crossed, where I tried a little bit to help, and you tried a little more to live.

May you go though this challenge and live to see another day.

I wish you all the best.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the people around me, who gave me emotional support when I needed it the most.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Giving just enough

No matter how knowledgeable a person may be, there is a need to gauge how well the message is received by the other party.

Stuff too much, and the recipient suffers from information overload.

Stuff too little, and the recipient enters into boredom.

It comes to a point, the communicator needs constantly check on how well the other person is receiving the message.

When the person seemed clueless, or having a hard time digesting the information, providing more information may not be effective in solving the problem. Instead, try to gauge how much the person has understood, and which part of the key information is still missing that hinders his/her understanding.

The student may be a slow learner, but the teacher/mentor plays an even greater role in getting the information across and helping the slow learner grow.

Well, in short...

I am just another slow learner who is trying hard to keep up the learning pace on this fast-paced society. So please bear with me while I’m still understanding how things work.

If you can’t wait, I don’t mind you leaving me alone and let me learn on my own.

Don’t worry, I’ll find my own way.

When it comes to a day where I am the one sharing the knowledge, I will make sure the other slow learners grow well, because I understand how it feels to be a slow learner.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

A role to play

| © 2017 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.

A cook, cleaner, nurse, doctor, artist, teacher, mechanic, technician, and many other unlisted professions.

They have one thing in common: A role to play in this society.

Everyone is deem important in ensuring this society functions well, and everyone deserves the respect they can get.

I am often humbled and inspired by the people I meet. Thank you for reminding me that I can be more than I am today.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The unsung heroes

I am not possible if not for the unsung heroes that appeared during my life’s journey. They gave me guidance, inspired me to do better, and made me a better man.

Thank you for being there. I shall repay that debt by paying it forward, inspiring others too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


| © 2016 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.

Enough with the self-doubts. “Believe in yourself!” that’s what they said.

One’s potential can only be unleashed when you believe in yourself.

Since life is so unfair, why make succumb to it when all you have to do is believe that you’ll be successful too? Believe in your strengths, make them shine. Learn your weaknesses, work on them. You’ll be there someday.

Story behind this photograph: He is an acapella band member for VOX. The crowd, spotlights, stage… They are all fruits of hard, persistent work. True potentials are unleased when you believe in your strengths and make them work for you. Someday, everyone will have their own stage to shine.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ah… Finally…

I’m finally back after having so much struggles with Windows Live Writer. I must admit, the Open Live Writer developer team did a wonderful job with the open software, and I am now able to get back on track and start blogging again!

By the way, here’s something cool from Nik Filters. Users used to have to pay for the filters, but the company was recently acquired by Google. So now you can get them for free!

| © 2016 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Do no harm

| © 2015 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.

I gave all I could to the patient, obtained information about him to keep him safe, made sure that he is getting the right medical attention and needs. And I certainly see him not merely as a patient, but my mentor, guiding me through my medical training. I benefited a dear lot because of him.

Although our doctor-patient relationship did not end the way it should and was a mess out of these arguments, I strive to do better, and I thank you for the opportunities for me to learn. May you stay healthy and happy always.


Story behind the first photograph: The sky may be high up, but a reflection of the high up is necessary to make one humble, and you will be one with the water and earth. Stay simple, pure and elegant like the water lily.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Love for machines

| © 2015 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.
The love for these beasts is undeniable, and this father brought his children along to see all motorcycles. Look how the rider and the father connects, while the curious children continue to look in awe.
I spent a little time around the Biketopia event, fascinated by how these people customize their motorcycles. Though I’m not a big fan of Harley Davidson, some of the bike designs certainly caught my eye.
| © 2015 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.
| © 2015 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.
The Harleys are definitely getting a sportier look, as it seemed that the company are moving towards targeting the market of younger generations.
| © 2015 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.
And I got a little chance of sitting in an Audi TT Coupe: Quattro too. Thanks to my bro for the shot.
| © 2015 Soon-Chin Yeoh Photography, all rights reserved.
Story behind the first photograph: The biker was reluctant when the father requested to take a photograph of the motorcycle together with the biker. As the biker was about to ride away, the father approached him and requested for a contact, perhaps to send photographs to him. With that connection, I was the lucky one who got this shot of the interaction between the father and the biker, with the children engrossed in curiosity.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A look back

| © 2015 Huey-Chiat Cheong Photography, all rights reserved.

Pause and look back on the things you have done in the past as you move forward into the future. You shall notice that while there is still a long way to you, you have come a long way too!

It may just be the second week of my clerkship rotation at the cardiovascular surgery department, yet I have learnt so much throughout the days. I have seen many great surgical operations, meet patients and feel their anxiousness about their illness, write patient charts and interpret medical images.

A self-reflect indeed come in handy at time like this. All is well.


Story behind this shot: I stopped by the road for a rest after riding in the rain for the past hour. The paddy field was really beautiful and it was indeed a moment of reflection as I ponder whether to turn back to Hualien because the weather report indicated bad weather for the next few days to come. The image in the mirror reflected how much I had come so far, and perhaps it was the time where I brave the fear of the unknown in front of me. I pushed forward, and I had some of the best memories throughout the journey.